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The special working environment of the Oil & Gas industry demands that diesel and gas motors are of the most elevated quality. They work in all conditions from sub-zero temperatures to hazardous barometric situations. Wings incorporates a run of items that can offer assistance your motors begin securely and dependable:


    Engines on Oil & Gas sites are critical in providing power for applications such as:

    • emergency generators
    • fire pumps
    • cranes
    • everyday services

      conditions such as temperature extremes, dampness and mugginess can seriously affect oil lubricity and a batteries capacity to wrench the motor. Wings can offer assistance by expelling the requirement for a battery and providing a begin framework that’s solid in all conditions.

      as bio-diesel is presently mixed into fuel it implies water is display when it’s fabricated and pulls in more whereas it’s put away. Water is the adversary of clean fuel. It may be a key fixing within the development of microbial defilement and quickens the advancement of rust which harms tank surfaces. Wings encompasses a run of arrangements that can expel fuel defilement.

      according to Noria (the industry body that promotes better lubrication practises), 80% of engine failures can be attributed to contaminated oils. IPU has real-time monitoring packages and bypass filters that can give a voice to your oil and extend it’s life by up to four times.

      Belly tank:
      Clear Tank Mobile Cleaning Buggies

      ATEX Approved Air Start System
      ATEX Approved Hydraulic Start System
      ATEX Approved Hydraulic & Air Starter Motors
      Battery Charger
      Battery Heater
      Oil Life Bypass Oil Filter
      Oil Alert Oil Condition Sensor
      GAC Electronic Governor
      Fuel Purifier
      Engine Oil Heater
      Engine Coolant Heater
      Parker Racor Fuel Filtration

      Fire Pump & Pump:
      Fire Pump Controller
      Pump Controller
      Genset Controller

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